About Us

About Us

Scala4's background is from the IBM Z/OS mainframe, specializing in Application Modernization and Platform Migrations. We have now built a comprehensive group of highly specialized IT professionals servicing the Nordic market place.

Orca the Whale

Founded in 2010, Scala4 has a broad set of IT skills, divided into IT Modernization, Migration, Testing and Outsourcing. We have strategic alliances with several providers of IT Software solutions and consulting services.


Scala4 can assist organisations manage change by providing technology based services at all levels of the IT modernization lifecycle.

The Scala4 alliance offers a wide range of pre-modernization and migration services, aimed at business and technical portfolio analysis, specifically tailored for the relevant environment.

We make use of the know-how and expertise of our consultants and you who deliver good working knowledge of the relevant environments to deliver a wide range of possible target platforms and options to offload operations and busness functions to the cloud.

We can perform auditing and assessments with a high degree of granularity within a framework, to match the needs of both small and large IT organization modernization projects.