Scala4 Nordic and the Bonede Alliance

Bonede is a pan global alliance of experienced IT-modernization experts.

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The Bonede alliance assists organizations to manage change processes whether purely IT-related or a combination of IT and business challenges.
Their experts are driven by passion, dedication, and a partnering approach to master even the most complex major international projects.


Their objective is to ensure that IT can meet the changes and challenges that its organisations are faced with. Failure to meet this challenge implies that IT itself is failing to meet its primary objectives.

Change processes consist of a series of steps along a strategic route taken by a company with their IT over many, many years. The Bonede Alliance recognizes and understands the effects and risks of long term change processes. Our activities include assisting, defining and realising a clear path to the future, based on long-term vision, security and independence, while avoiding the risks of short-term or short-sighted options.

If unavoidable dependencies arise during change processes, the Bonede Alliance professionals can help you ensure that such dependencies are temporary and can be resolved or removed as part of the long-term strategy. Dependencies are no longer viewed as risks or limitations, but rather solutions to resolve particular problems in a specific phase of the long-term IT-strategy.

The risks which affect the four major phases of IT strategy implementation are continuously influenced by the overall company and IT change.

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