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MigrationWare is a solutions company and a Scala4 partner dedicated to the preservation and protection of the life expectancy of business applications threatened by obsolete technology, as well as by external factors such as licensing costs and skills shortages.

They specialize in modernising legacy code and ageing IT infrastructure by transforming and extending existing valuable investments in IT onto contemporary, open, more cost-effective environments or software languages. Through its commitment to the use of automation technology in code conversions and its migration process, reducing the costs and risks associated with IT rejuvenation projects to a minimum.

Established in 2000 by a group of software automation specialists with extensive experience in the migration of systems code and data from one platform to another.

MigrationWare's solutions enable the conversion of source code and data across different platforms, environments, and technologies for the purpose of addressing system modernisation, cost reduction and risk mitigation initiatives. This complex task is often the responsibility of a company's IT department, who are required to protect the business from the risk of aging technology, but often do not have the capacity, the skills or know-how to do so.

Migrationware therefore partners with its clients to achieve their strategic objectives by providing them with tools and services enabling them to migrate and modernise their IT applications and data.

We do this by developing highly automated technologies that remove much of the costs and risks associated with modernisation projects, and provide the technical expertise to implement such projects.

Companies can use MigrationWare to simply perform the conversion of code or as a turnkey solution provider to manage the process from start to finish.

MigrationWare provides conversion solutions for various software development languages. Please click on each, to the left, for more information.

Migrationware head office is in Cape Town, South Africa : http://www.migrationware.com/

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