Scala4 Nordic markets and supports isCOBOL from Veryant

Why choose Us
Whether you are evolving existing applications through SOA or improving quality and distribution processes, Veryant's innovative software offerings increase business productivity and provide a complete environment for COBOL application development, deployment and modernization.

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Their Mission
By enabling you to quickly and safely extend current applications to meet new business needs and demands, our portable, robust solutions translate into cost-effective, future-proof computing.

What we Do
isCOBOL Evolve enables organizations to retain current COBOL investments while simultaneously offering a path forward to take advantage of the openness, portability and power of the Java platform without retraining staff or rewriting code.


Why not contact Veryant or Scala4 to talk about how we can help you reduce your excessive Cobol license costs


Maximize the value of your IT investments with Veryant

Moving from AcuCOBOL-GT
With a complete line of Micro Focus® extend® (formerly ACUCOBOL-GT®) replacement products, extensive compatibility, and 'acu-friendly' migration and modernization features, isCOBOL Evolve from Veryant offers a seamless transition plan and a stable path forward for ACUCOBOL-GT users that is backed by a dedicated team of COBOL experts.

Moving from Micro Focus COBOL
Learn why organizations are converting applications from Micro Focus® COBOL platforms such as Micro Focus Server Express™ and Net Express® to Veryant

Moving from RM/COBOL
With a rich number of features expressly developed for RM/COBOL® users, isCOBOL Evolve from Veryant offers a seamless transition plan and a stable path forward.

Java integration
Easily integrate new functionality to your applications by integrating modular Java solutions, and expose COBOL application to the Java world.

Web enablement
From zero-client, fully interactive, online COBOL applications to rich HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript applications and everything in between.

Globalization / Localization
Unicode support and multi-language features makes it easy to support international applications and software distribution

Veryant are based in San Diego, USA :

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