Our Products

Our Products

What we offer with our products is:


Cobol Compiler and debugger


Green Screen to cloud, mobile responsive app. with no need for application change.

Education Services

We provide on site COBOL training courses.

Easytrieve to Cobol

We can make a one time automated move to COBOL or facilitate a migration retaining the ability to develop in Easytirieve!

Mantis, CSP, IDMS/ Natural/ADABAS Convertor

Whatever your 4GL or 3rd party software we can make a one time automated move to COBOL or JAVA and help you plan a partial or full migration.

IT Audit Health Check

Whatever your IT platform, development IDE or Run Time environment, we can assist your organization with an IT Health Audit.

Why not contact us?

A few words about us

image_1Just call us for a free, no obligation analysis and health check of your legacy application.

Our objective is to help your organization identify where significant savings can be achieved, by modernizing and/or automated migration of critical parts of your application(s).

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