TIB – Træ Industi Bygg

Lift-IT and Migrationware assisted Micro Focus to migrate their mission-critical application from Z-OS to Windows and cut IT Costs by 70%

100 MIPS Z-OS COBOL IMS DB2 to Windows SQL

TIB, the Danish timber industry and Construction workers union, found its mainframe-based solution was severely impairing its ability to deliver improved services to members. TIB recognized the need to migrate their critical unemployment fund system, containing IMS databases (IMS/DB), on to Windows.

Micro Focus took full responsibility for managing the project, agreeing on a realistic timeframe with TIB for completing the migration and software delivery. The project was fully implemented within a year, with TIB’s current applications migrated from the mainframe to a Windows platform. TIB selected the Windows platform for its operational stability and extendibility that the system required. In addition, Windows is easier to manage for an organization the size of TIB.
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TIB Tree industry union - Denmark

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