Application assessment

When you perform an application assessment for the first time, identify the legacy system that would be repurposed into resource-efficient Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications.

The health check assessment should include the operating system and the servers that would be used to run SaaS applications.

A complete application assessment should also look at the type of mobile devices that would be used to access the SaaS applications.

There may be blind spots in terms of understanding, lack of awareness across the different parts of the IT organization, and even inefficiencies in terms of product usage.

Application Health Check service

Micro Focus Application Health Check Service is a quick-fire but holistic approach to help existing customers and new clients alike understand the value they are getting from both their IT systems and any Micro Focus investments; making recommendations where improvements can be made through the use of available Micro Focus capabilities.

Scala4 can help with a Micro Focus Analysis

The Health Check will also take the pulse of the systems being served by any Micro Focus technology, and provide options for potential areas for improvement such as:

  • removal of redundancies
  • code efficiencies
  • application documentation
  • impact analysis
  • test construction and execution and even application lifecycle management.

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