Barry Kirk - Director

Barry Kirk started in IT direct from school in 1969, when Akroyd & Smithers, Stock Jobbers in London city acquired their first ICL computer. Since this first humble beginning Barry has worked on Univac, Burroughs, Siemens,  IBM 1401,1410, System 360 & 370,  ZOS, p-series, System 36/38, AS 400, using Cobol, php, mysql, JAVA, Visual Studio, Eclipse, etc.

Barry's career has stretched the globe from the UK, Australia and finally to the Nordics, working as Operations Manager, Programmer, Programming Manager, Technical Manager, sales, Sales Manager, IT director, Consultant, Solutions Architect and most recently Migration specialist.

Barry has worked in a wide variety of large and small IT organizations as well as several multi-national software sales organizations.

Work Experience

35+ years experience working and involved in many large international IT modernization and migration projects, supporting and selling strategic solutions to many IT organizations within banking, insurance, retail, oil and gas, etc.
As a solution architect, I have gained many years of experience analysing, planning and managing successful IT projects in the Nordic region.
In recent years I have been working with the analysis, planning, development and maintenance of responsive mobile/cloud applications using existing legacy screens and data as a basis for rapid deployment!
Detailed work experience follows:

November 2013 – Now
Scala4 - Director
Legacy Modernization and Migration Consulting.
Mobile responsive Web Development using WordPress and Prestashop

March 2009 – November 2013
Micro Focus.
Sales, Solution Architect and legacy Migration projects

Marketing and selling System Development software to Fortune 1000 organizations in Northern Europe.
Training and mentoring the Micro Focus sales and pre sales team to better communicate and strategize with “C” level management.


  • Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer
  • Micro Focus Enterprise Developer
  • Micro Focus Visual Cobol
  • Micro Focus Borland Silk test suite

Oct 2003 – March 2009
Self employed.
Namic System Software - Oslo
General Manager (Shareholder)

Downsized the company and consolidated maintenance portfolio

Responsible for sales and technical support

Launched and responsible for several American Software products IMAC, Triangle systems. Matrikon, Fidelity, FlexServer in Scandinavia.

Oct 1998–May 2001
Magellan Travel Agency as Asker
Owner & Managing Director

Started and grew the company to be 12 employees with a turnover of 35 MNOK in 2000.
Specialized travel within business, golf tours, cruises and events.
Developed web page, CRM tool and travel related administration routines using Access, PowerPoint, and Excel with VB.
After 3 years I felt that Magellan was a going concern and I wanted to move on. So I sold out my ownership to several of the employees.

Sep 1978–Mar 1998
Compuware Nordic -Oslo
Managing Director 1987-1997
Responsible for sales, marketing, maintenance and budgets for the Nordic region.
Grew company from 10 -25 employees.
Increased sales & maintenance from 500 000 USD to 3 MUSD per year
Reporting responsibility to both Europe and US HQ.
Hit yearly targets and goals every year except 1.
Gave sales and motivation courses for sales people in Compuware Europe.
Together with other Compuware and Namic partners, sold our shareholding (I owned 24%) amicably back to Compuware, because they wanted to have sole ownership.
Left company 6 months later to ensure a smooth transition after 17 years supporting and selling the Compuware products.

European Technical Manager 1981-1987 Oslo & London
Responsible for hiring, training and pre/post sales support for all technical personnel (All products Compuware, Mantissa, Softworks, Triangle).
Helped open new branch offices (UK opened in 1979), Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Finland , Sweden, & Denmark.
Company grew from 7 total employees in 1981 to 100 in 1987.
1987 Compuware amicably bought back the European rights for their products (excluding the Nordic area).

Responsible for launch, installation and support of Compuware’s first
and premiere product Abend-AID. Fellesdata Oslo were the first European user.

Responsible for all technical support for Value Computing products, Job Accounting, Tape Management and Job Scheduling.

Responsible for Mantissa products Print Management.

Started the Namic UK office as well as employ and train sales and technical staff.

I was a keen rugby and squash player, but now developed a love for golf, good food, good wine and last but by no means least, good Company!

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40 years in Mainframe Legacy IT