Flemming Tange Jensen – MF-E - Denmark

Software consultant, Trainer

Worked on several development projects in Denmark and in the UK, especially within the financial sector, as a COBOL Programmer, Analyst and Project Manager.

For some years, based in London working for an American oil company, COBOL on IBM-360/370.

Experienced Trainer and worked with domestic and foreign trainees (as well as foreign trainers) in Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Spain, France, Greece and Ireland, for over 25 years.

Pre Sales consultant for Micro Focus for some years.

Specialities: Training in COBOL on IBM mainframe and PC (Mainframe Express)
Project Management, Analysis, Documentation.
Educational issues.


  • Gulf Oil (DMK and UK)
    IBM mainframes. Development of Payroll- and Pension systems (COBOL)
    Project Manager for development of local Scandinavian sub systems.


  • KTAS (now TDC)
    IBM and Honeywell mainframes. Developer (COBOL) on Billing and Stock Control.


  • PBC og Multi-Data (now Nets)
    IBM mainframe. Project Manager for development of Inter-Bank Clearingssystem (COBOL, IMS).

Finans System (FS sub company of SDC)
IBM mainframe. Development of Corebank System (HPS, COBOL, DB2)
Developed a local Batch/COBOL course and trained developers in Methods and Tools for FS.

  • TI (Technological Institute)
    Several Mainframe Systems Development and COBOL (MainFrame Express) Training courses for:
    IT-K and UNI-C (unemployed academics) – Mainframe Express.
  • Intranet, Sigma and IT-K (as a consultant) COBOL training courses

Mainframe courses:
Bank Data, P&T, Told- og Skat, Top Danmark, FDC, Codan.

MF WorkBech and Mainframe Express courses:

Ingeniør Højskolen, Nordea Bank, Københavns Kommuneø

MF-E (own company) COBOL training courses
Mainframe courses:
BEC, DataCentralen (now CSC), FDC.

MF WorkBech and Mainframe Express courses:
Realkredit Danmark, CSC, FDC, MobCon, COOP (COBOL and JCL)
TietoEnator Norway (for Czech employees)

MF-E (Consultant)
FDC Converting IDEAL to COBOL
Development of Educational materials on all levels.

Mail Flemming at ftj@mf-e.dk