Identify External References

An important element in any project preparation analysis is to identify which elements should be considered as "in scope" or "out of scope".

We have seen many modernization and migrations overrun on both budget and time because many hours and effort has been spent on re writing or modifying obsolete and/or not required objects, conversely extra time is spent to re create missing source objects.

Another challenge we see is in regression testing where a data record is created in 1 phase and then updated and re used in a later phase!

Data synchronization and application freeze periods need to be fully understood and accounted for in the project plan.

It is important to know where data files are coming from and where they will be used i.e. SAP, External clients, Windows or mainframe, etc.

N.B. Fully understand consequence and benefits of a partial migration/modernization

TUI in Stockholm were able to reduce 50% of monthly costs by moving their online read only inquiry system from the Z-OS CICS/DB2 System to VM Windows/SQL.

Here are some examples of missing or unresolved external references

  • Dynamically created JCL jobs
  • Database maintenance routines
  • Missing Cobol or assembler source files