John Oxford - Director, Northern Europe

John started work in the UK with GEC UK, progressing through Project Management, Business development, electrical design, quality control and sales management during 14 years with GEC UK.

Moving to Scandinavia in 1980 he started with Delivering turn key project management systems to Oil, engineering and retail industries, following that spent time with Compuware delivering mainframe based software solution, then on to WM-data (CGI) on Application solutions (ERP etc.). Became part owner of a Nordic Distributor of Software solutions (NSP) which was eventually bought by Micro Focus. From 1997 working in business development and delivery of Workstation based solutions for Development and Production in various divisions in Micro Focus.

A keen sportsman, including international Rugby and semi professional Football now mainly focused in Golf. In addtion he plays multiple musical instuments (Guitar, Key boards etc) and has been involved with a number of Bands through the years.



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