+20 years experience in the computer business. System and application design including real time, IBM mainframe. Senior CICS systems programmer. Data communication and Databases. Have developed and taught classes in online- and batch-programming using Cobol and Assembler. Have been a technical leader and advisor. Engaged in migration projects. Long experience with application development and cross platform applications using different middleware.

Specialties: IBM mainframe, Systems Programmer, Developer, CICS/IMS, Cobol, Assembler, SQL etc. Cross platform development. Bank, Insurance, Industry. Micro Focus product specialist. Maintaining and development of Core Banking applications.


IBM mainframe. Assembler to Cobol conversions. Maintaining and development of the core bank systems using Assembler, Cobol, eazytrieve etc. "Implementer & developer" at the banks core systems. Mainframe Express specialist.

Create and maintain infrastructure for cobol developers. Developer.

Maintain and develop infrastructure for IBM mainframe developers. Involved in several cross-platform projects. Systems Programmer. CICS, Cobol, Assembler etc. Communication.

Den Norsk Bank - DNB
Technical lead and support. Software installation. CICS, Cobol, REXX.
VB script.

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