Peter Liljenberg - Klavreströms kodmanufaktur - Sweden

Peter is a coder and a solution architect, but most of all a problem solver. He can quickly learn
complex systems, new technologies or business domains to find, explain and implement
solutions to problems in them.

Peter can both analyse critical bugs and explaining a technical project with a PowerPoint
presentation, and combine these aspects to help dev and project teams, management and
customers communicate and make decisions.

When it comes to concrete technologies, he is an omnivore but tends to end up coding
infrastructure, integrations and server-side components.

    Ongoing Projects:
  • Bluegarden Since: October 2014 Location: Växjö, Sweden

    Designed, planned and executed the migration of a large HR/payroll processing system from native Cobol to Micro Focus Visual Cobol. Evaluated the technology and its performance, and implemented proof-of-concepts for integrating Cobol and C# using Service Bus and Entity Framework. Currently moving these PoCs into the next production release and supporting the team in writing new functions combining new .NET code with existing Cobol business logic.

  • Apea Mobile Security Solutions Since: December 2015 Location: Lenhovda, Sweden

    System architect and developer on a mobile security solution spanning an Atmega-based embedded platform, serverside
    logic and user-interfacing apps.

    Completed Projects:
  • Full Tilt Poker: Since February, 2015 Location: Dublin
    Solution architect on a web tracking and attribution project for an online gaming site, integrating a large existing system
    with Google Analytics and several marketing services. Delivered a high-level design document defining the scope of the solution and identifying the required changes to the existing customer system to accomodate the requirements.
    Developed proof-of-concept integration adapter between the customer system and external tracking services (written in C#).
  • Fincore Ltd Part time August-October 2013, November 2014 - January 2015

    Pre-sales solution architect for outsourcing projects for the development and maintenance of online gaming systems.
    Working for Fincore, I visited the end-customers to document business requirements,