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All organizations want to realize the highest business value possible from their existing investments in IT infrastructure and application software. However, maintaining the application and infrastructure software in a legacy environment consumes a disproportionate percentage of IT budget and human resources.

Imagine the possibilities: an environment in which all IT resources are part of an elastic, scalable, flexible, and self-service infrastructure that can be put into action at any moment—an environment in which your IT department is empowered to accelerate business initiatives, and business decisions are made with real-time


Most organizations are concerned with increasing the efficiency of current operations

The goal of an application modernization project is to create new business value from existing applications. An application is a program designed to perform a specific function directly for the user or, in some cases, for another application program. Keeping legacy applications running smoothly can be a time-consuming, resource-intensive process, especially when the software becomes so outdated that it becomes incompatible with newer versions of the underlying operating system (OS) or system hardware.

Traditional methods for modernizing applications include rewriting existing application code written in COBOL to a more modern, Web-friendly programming language or placing a Web interface in front of an outdated application to salvage parts of the application that might still have value. The challenges in modernizing legacy applications come mostly from the fact that, in many legacy applications, the business process workflow is hardcoded and tightly coupled with other aspects of the legacy code.

cloud providers are already there. They are mostly API-driven; whether you know it or not, if you've built new applications using cloud services, you've done SOA, and you will continue to get deeper into it.

Although we're certainly moving into SOA through technologies such as cloud computing, the patterns are a bit different than the SOA we used 10 or so years ago.

SOA is about loosely coupled systems that typically interact via services. before SOA typically exposed services from one or two systems, and the degree of coupling could be tight or loose, depending on the application.

New SOA-enabled applications that leverage clouds have to be loosely coupled, or else they won't work well. Cloud services, which can number into the thousands, can exist in as many as a 100 cloud services that make up the application. Any tight coupling will stop the application if a service goes down or communications are lost.

SOA needed governance, but we could deal with an increasing number of services until we hit a tipping point. This tipping point was typically around 500 services; then it would be time to get a service governance system in place to track the services, set policies for use, and track dependencies.

New SOA-enabled applications that leverage clouds have a tipping point at only one service. You cannot manage a set of applications that use remote and local cloud services without a sound service governance approach and technology in place. That's because cloud-based services are widely distributed, not typically owned and operated by you, so you must have much tighter checks around all services at all times.

SOA will grow in 2016 around the concept of cloud computing. Although you won't hear the term "SOA" tossed around much, the technology approach will be everywhere.

The world is moving at lightning speed from legacy enterprise software to SOA, SaaS integration, and APIs, compelled by the power of convention over configuration and the promise of agility and operational efficiency. Yet most businesses face a widening divergence between the IT infrastructure demanded by emerging business needs and the infrastructure they’ve built up over generations.

The result: 75% of enterprise IT budgets are expended on ongoing operations and maintenance, leaving a mere 25% for new investments.

Discover how to make legacy a competitive advantage:
Understand the trade-offs to approaching legacy system challenges Avoid common pitfalls when selecting a legacy solution Connect legacy systems quickly, without disruption Build on a platform that can extend legacy to SaaS and APIs
Don’t ditch your legacy systems, modernize them.

Todays IT applications and systems run complex, business-critical functions for today’s enterprise using vast amounts of data and business logic.

To remain competitive, businesses need to modernize their infrastructure by integrating these systems of record with the new systems of engagement, particularly mobile devices and hybrid cloud applications.

Modernization solutions optimize existing applications, infrastructure and skills with streamlined development, testing and deployment of enterprise applications for multiple platforms. The enables your organization to facilitate the delivery of complex multiplatform applications and businesses.

A software delivery approach that focuses on speed and efficiency without sacrificing stability and quality can yield significant improvements in speed, capacity and cost.

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imageWelcome to Scala4!

What can we do for you through information Technology Consulting?

Our 50+ years of experience can advise and support on both the  smallest and the most complex migration projects.

Scala4 Nordics - Legacy Modernization and Migration products, and services